Letter to Potential Future Employer

Dear Potential Future Employer,


Thank you for your time in reading my resume, and considering me for the position. I understand how valuable your time is.

The job market is certainly hectic right now in the volatile economy. There are many talented people vying for this position,  the same way I am. Some may be more qualified than I am. Some may have more experience. But not one other candidate for this position can offer what I have to offer.

I am perfect for this position. I was made for this work. My educational background lends itself well to this line of work. But more importantly I have the ability to learn anything I wish. I know that I can master any software program given enough time and practice. I am also fully capable of utilizing the internet to solve any problem that I may come across.


My personality contains infectious positivity that every previous employer, teacher, coach, and professor has seen in me. 

In my MBA classes, every professor new me personally, and always appreciated my questions and comments in class.

I have the ability to communicate with all types of personalities and people.

I promise that given an opportunity, I would be one the best decisions you ever made, and one of the fastest rising stars in the company.


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